Search Engine Optimization

The job of making it easy for search engines to know what your site offers and getting your site to rank highly for relevant keywords on the search engine return page.

Want More Visitors to Your Site? Answer Their Questions

If you own a store, you learn what your customers want by asking them. "How can I help you?"

Organic Search Engine Services (SEO)


Make your site easy to find by search engines.

On page optimization

Keywords as a menu tab


Keyword ad a menu item

Sometimes it's good to think of your site as part of the Internet.

In that sense a keyword or keyword phrase would function as a sort of dynamic menu item. Let's call it a keyword question.

A seeker types in a keyword question. For example, "road bike tires tampa." She's asking the question, "Search engine, where can I find out something about road bike tires in Tampa?"

Six reasons why conventional websites cannot compete with content management systems

Content management1 systems for websites like Drupal, Wordpress and Joomla provide simple forms for website content providers to fill out. When the content is ready to be published, the content provider hits a button and, poof, new content for the website. CMSs allow people to focus on content, the real heart of a website, and not be impeded by coding and technological barriers.

SEO - it's the details stupid

Gourmet LogoEvery now and then a marketing effort hits the jackpot and the lines form and the cash register rings. Someone writes a blog that goes viral and brings in oceans of traffic. Your PR firm gets you placement in a hot pub. Oprah recommends your book.

Internet marketing efforts

Chart showing projected marketing plans for 2010Mark Twain said, "There are three kind of liars: liars, damn liars and statistics."

Free tools!

Promoting a website requires lots of tools to tell us what's going on.

Fortunately, most of these tools are free. Anyone just starting should not spend a dime on analytical software. Maybe with time your site will require a more sophisitcated approach, but you won't have to spend money on software to find out.

Here is a fabulous list of free keyword and link analysis tools.

Blogging: something to crow about

Crowing cockDo you like traffic to your website? Start a blog.

Hubspot looked at about 1500 websites and determined that those with blogs had 55 percent more traffic and 97 percent more inbund links and 434 percent more indexed pages1.

The crop is never in

John Quarto-von Tivador seizes upon successful agriculture culture as a metaphor for good website promotion (are you from Calif. John?).

He says that it's the toughest kind of farming, like lettuce growing and not at all a cherry picking operation. Successful sites, like successful lettuce fields, require constant tending.

Too many people still look upon websites like print publications. Once they are "launched," they're done. In fact, the launch is just the beginning. Success lies in many hours of careful tending.

Check List

A big check mark.There is always a bunch of stuff to do when you optimize a site. You've got to make a list.

When I optimize a site for local search, I begin with this local seo list.