Want More Visitors to Your Site? Answer Their Questions

If you own a store, you learn what your customers want by asking them. "How can I help you?"

ask your customers cartoonWouldn't it be great if you could do the same with your Internet customers? If you knew what they wanted, you could publish more of it on your site and get better search rankings. Since your customers can't ask you what they want, they ask a search engine and the search engine answers by sending them to sites it considers has the best answer. If you knew the question, then you could work on the best answer.

In search engine optimization1 (SE0) your first goal is to address the needs of our visitors with relevant, useful content.

In other words, what do you write? It turns out that there are ways you can find out what's relevant and useful to your customers so that you can answer their questions and produce great content.

Question sites

These post questions from people and depend on others for answers. The oldest and most used is Yahoo Answers. Go there and type in a category that's relevant to your market niche. Instantly you'll see what questions people are asking in the category. Also check out Ask Reddit and Amazon's Askville. These are less used than Yahoo Answers, but certainly worth a look.

Topic sites

Sometimes you can get a real sens