Internet Marketing Glossary

A glossary of terms used search engine optimization (SEO), website usability and website anylytics.

Analytics search for term

Website analytics is the study of who is visiting your site. Where did they come from? What did they do while in your site? Are they responding to your offers? Are they abandoning quickly? At what point?

The study is based on data gathered by a special service like Google Analytics or by studying the server logs of your site.

Analytics is the basis of constant improvement in making your site a marketing super weapon.

Anchor textsearch for term

The text inside the alt+" " element of the

Broadcastingsearch for term

Communicating with large groups of people in hopes of finding a few who have an interest in what you are saying or selling.

Brochurewaresearch for term

A website that is designed to be an online brochure. It is characterized by the effort to advertise and impress rather than to inform.

commenters?major tipsearch for term
Compatibilitysearch for term

Where the interests of the website visitor are compatible with the website owner's and the two converge in a mutually beneficial action.

Content managementsearch for term

Technology that allows a website owner to easily add, delete and change the content of his or her website.

Conversionsearch for term

When a visitor to your website does something that you want. Buys a produce. Signs up for your newsletter. Gives you a call. Requests more information. And so forth.

Drupalsearch for term

An open source content management1 system that is probably the most robust in the world. It's used worldwide to power websites of every description and size.

Email marketingsearch for term

Opt-in email campaigns send periodic emails to prospects who have signed up to receive your material. Email campaigns are very effective in keeping your company front-of-mind and in directing your prospects to opportunities that they have already expressed an interest in.

Findabiltysearch for term

How easy is it for relevant prospects to find your site? How easy is it for visitors to find what they are looking for when they get to your site?

Flashterbationsearch for term

A web designer obsession compelling him or her to overuse Flash in websites.

hot keywordsearch for term
hot topicssearch for term
Inbound linkssearch for term

Links from other sites to your site. Relative links from high quality sites boost your search engine ranking.

Inbound linkssearch for term

Links from other sites to your site. Relative links from high quality sites boost your search engine ranking.

Indexed pagessearch for term

With respect to Internet search, those pages that have been visited by a search engine and indexed in the search engine's database. There its content can be exposed to search inquiries.

Internet marketingsearch for term

The all inclusive term that describes the art and science of using the Internet to publicize and/or sell an organization and its products. Internet marketing1 includes website marketing, search engine optimization1, email marketing1, analytics, blogging, keyword analysis, link campaigns, and countless other terms used to describe the many activities of Internet marketing.

See also: Search Engine Optimization
Intranetsearch for term

A space on the Internet accessible to a chosen group of people who are pursuing a single purpose. For example, lawyers preparing a case, marketing staff preparing a campaign, teachers preparing a course. Think Facebook on a mission.

Keyword search for term

Words and phrases typed into a search engine to get specific information. "chili con carne recipe," "money manger Cleveland," "weather."

keyword phrasessearch for term
Learnabilitysearch for term

The ease which visitors can determine a website's purpose and proceed to find what they want.

longtail phrasesearch for term
Narrowcastingsearch for term

Focusing your communication efforts on a few people who are interested in what you have to say or sell. See Broadcasting1.

relavant postsearch for term
Search Engine Marketingsearch for term

Attract traffic to your site by buying and displaying small text ads which appear in the search engine results page when your keyword is entered into a search engine.

SEMsearch for term

Search Engine Marketing1

See also: Search Engine Optimization
Site searchsearch for term

A search of a site using the search box on the site.

Usabilitysearch for term

Simply, the degree to which your website is usable and useful to visitors

wide varietysearch for term
Search Engine Optimizationsearch for term

The job of making it easy for search engines to know what your site offers and getting your site to rank highly for relevant keywords on the search engine return page.

See also: Internet marketing, SEM
SERPsearch for term

Search Engine Return Page.

SEOsearch for term

The practice of attracting people to your site by offering them the information that they seek. This is done by properly displaying the information in a format that search engines can read and encouraging the search engines to recommend the site (rank it highly).