Two Internet Marketing Rules for Golden Results

Provide your customers with what they want as you would have others provide you with what you want. Money is valuable. Having it gives us a sense of well-being. We think mighty hard about giving it in exchange for something. Yet many business people turn this simple truth on its head and comically think that customers should want what they have to sell. Unless you know what your customers want and do everything in your power to deliver to them, profitably, your business is headed for trouble and you for disappointment. This brings us to the second rule. Listen to others as you like to be listened to. Your customers will tell you what they want. How do you listen to them over the Internet? Your first step in search engine optimization is learning what keywords your potential customers are using to find what you have to sell. How are they responding to your site after they click your keyword? Are they taking a quick look and moving on? Are they finding their way to and spending time with particular content? Use your anlytics data and listen further to your customers. You'll find out what they want and figure out better ways to deliver it to them.